Underground publication/distribution located in France.

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NOW: 25th of July MMXV


After seven years of harvesting the Abyss, regardless of flavours of the day, publishing and distributing uncompromising and uncompromised musicks from various parts of this side of the Void, as so many blades stuck into the materialistic trinket-collecting and social-networking “funderground” farce, COLD:VOID:EMANATIONS enters a funereal stasis.

But as cyclic law dictates, from Death must comes life. Thus the publication and distribution activities will continue, rid from the dross of compromise and armed with a rejuvenated and tighter focus, under a new banner. Detailed news will follow.

In this context, several offers are proposed so as to channel streams of strength into a new form:

-30% OFF ORDERS OVER 100€.

All offers are combinable and valid until further notice.


ARRIVALS: 25th of July MMXV

ANCIENT LAMENT – “Messages from the Crystals” CD
-French/Serbian astral Funeral Doom. -3€

CLANDESTINE BLAZE – “New Golgotha Rising” CD
-New album from ASPA’s catharsic, traditionally unorthodox Black Metal. -10€

DIABOLI – “Wiking Division” CD
-Latest album of punishing Finnish Black Metal with topical lyrics, heavily recommended. -10€

-Brooding Black/Death Metal from Scotland. 13€

HERSCHER – “Herscher” LP
-Drums/bass/synths trio crafting crawling smoked Doom, recommended. -10€

NORMAN SHORES – “Le Tombeau de Brume” MC
-Newest album of Norman Black Metal, a heathen solitary march to the grave. Heavily recommended.. -4€

SHADES OF THE BLACK SKY – “То, что нас поглотит” CD
-Funeral Doom Metal from Russia. -3€

SHIYUN – “Ûri Vâ Kyatten” EP
-Distant and esoteric Black Metal. -5€

-French punks craft blistering Black Metal. -3€

UHL – “Where the Wolves Lead” MC
-Latest tape from the French duo. Cold and pitch Black Metal. -3€

UNMERCERNARIES – “Fallen in Disbelief” CD
-Solemn Funeral Doom Metal from Russia. -4€



To place an order, email dworkin AT hotmail DOT com to receive an estimate with shipping fees. (Note: While all orders are carefully packed, C:V:E won’t be held responsible for postal incompetence.)


Vinyl records:


SAISON DE ROUILLE – “Caduta Dei Gravi” LP
-Created before the demise of DANISHMENDT, SAISON DE ROUILLE seems nevertheless irrevocably linked to its ashes. Autocratically led by the iron fist of Karl, the congregants of Rust display brooding soundscapes oscillating between Martial Industrial, Noisecore, no-wave and other experiments. Its heavy base leaves room for twisted arrangements, under the umbrage of Karl’s sour proclamations. This record is co-produced by C:V:E, HCB Records, Ocinatas Industries, OPN records, Kaosthetic Konspiration and Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions. Comes on a beautiful 12″ housed in a superb sleeve including insert and poster. -6€

MANIPULATOR – “Voidbound” LP
-Cavernous, abysmal Death Metal. Four hymns of departure to journey on Stygian streams, including DARK THRONE tribute. At long last on black wax, mastered at 45rpm; comes in reverse cardboard sleeve with a handmade insert handnumbered in the blood of the Moil. Limited to CCL copies in conspiracy with Soulseller Records. -10€ plus shipping

-Following two demos released on C:V:E respectively in 2009 and 2010, the Whisperers finally see their debut album published. Three tracks of epic, ancient and solemn Black Metal, an oniric journey through the woods of Beringheim. Bennekom blues made flesh! Classic black wax LP in reverse cardboard sleeve with insert, published in conspiracy with EISENWALD TONSCHMIEDE. -13€ plus shipping.

0 X í S T – “One Eon” PicLP
-Second album from the Finnish Dark Metal act. A return in potent and crushing chthonic Doom. Picture LP with fold-out poster and lyric insert. Heavily recommended. -18€

ANAEL – “On Wings of Mercury” LP + EP
-German Black Metal. Including bonus 7″ EP. -10€

ANCESTORS BLOOD – “A Moment of Clarity” LP
-Lastest album from the Finnish atmospheric heathen Black Metal horde. Ethereal and grim, highly recommended. -14€

ARCH TOLL – “Poisener” LP
-Yorkshire sabbatical Black Metal. -13€

BLACKDEATH – “Fucking Fullmoon Foundation” LP
-Satanic Black Metal from Russia. Comes on heavy wax in printed undersleeve, with poster. -13€

BLODFEST – “Ild Vist Ulmer” LP
-Lejre’s finest breed latest offering on black wax… Heathen Black Metal granular chaos, captured live. -13€

BLOODHAMMER / RIDE FOR REVENGE – “Chords of the Left Hand” Split LP
-Bleak and Barbaric Finnish Black Metal. -12€

CANTUS BESTIAE – “Cantus Bestiae” DLP
-Compilation of all of the French infernal Black Metal cult on black wax. -18€

CIRITH GORGOR – “Firestorm Apocalypse – Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn” Gatefold Double LP
-Third album of Total Black Metal from the Dutch Horde. -13€

DEVILRY – “Rites for the Spring of Supremacy” Gatefold LP
-First album of Martial Death Metal supremacy, severe and unforgiving. 10€

-Hazy, muddy and smoked out Sludge/Stoner meets dark, epic and psychedelic Hardcore. -10€

END – “I” LP
-Classic Black Metal from Hellas. -8€

-Brooding Black/Death Metal from Scotland. 13€

EPHEMER – “Guerre et Gloire” LP
-Epic Black Metal from Québec. Including poster. -14€

ENSORCELOR – “Crucifuge” LP
-Sombre Sludge Doom Metal. -8€

ESOTERIC – “The Maniacal Vale” Triple LP
-Implacable and monolithic Funereal Doom Death Metal. Heavy triple gatefold LP re-edition from AESTHETIC DEATH. -28€

FALLEN ANGEL – “An Omen of Apocalypse / Embraced By Shadows” LP
-Pre-SOLHVERV, pre-BLODFEST, FALLEN ANGEL was an early incarnation of Danish Metal darkness and violence. This LP compiles the two demos from ’92 and ’03, older schooled brooding Death Metal in the American way. -12€

FHOI MYORE / WYRMS “Les Limbes Pourpres / Mehxôhorr – Les IV Dimensions Cosmogoniques” Gatefold LP
-French Black Metal split, recommended. -13€

FYRDUNG – “Hyperborea” LP
-Epic and grim Black Metal from Sweden. Majestic heathen atmospheres reminiscent of DISSECTION. Recommended. -10€

GRIMOIRE – “L’Aorasie des Spectres Rêveurs” LP
-Soaring and majestic Black Metal from Québec. Comes on heavy blue wax in lavish sleeve, including poster. -14€

HERSCHER – “Herscher” LP
-Drums/bass/synths trio crafting crawling smoked Doom, recommended. -10€

ILDJARN – “Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths” Gatefold LP
-Reedition of the classic Norse Black Metal demo with new artwork. Comes in a gatefold with poster. -15€

ILDRA – “Eðelland” LP
-Debut album of mighty Heathen Black Metal from the British Isles. -14€

IL’ITHIL – “Ia’Winde” LP
-Raw Black Metal from the US. -15€

MANIPULATOR – “Unearthed” LP
-Dark Death Metal. Prelude to the Voidbound voyage. -10€

OCCULTO MORTUALIA – “Memoriam ad Umbrae” LP
-LP edition of this great dark ambient work. Comes in a handcrafted jacked with insert. Limited to 111 copies. -18€

OS – “Twelve Truths” LP
-Madness-filled, noise-drenched Sludge/Doom death rituals. -8€

PARIA – “Unchain the Unclean” Gatefold LP
-Total Black Metal blasphemy, quality gatefold sleeve. -12€

RÉSISTANCE – “Bang Your Fucking Skull” LP
-Epic thrashing Heavy Metal. -8€

THRALL – “Aokigahara Jukai” LP
-Newest album of rusty and pitch Black Metal from Tasmania. Heavy wax, printed undersleeve, poster and download card. -14€

VELNIAS – “Sovereign Nocturnal” LP
-Debut album of atmospheric Black / Doom Metal. Gatefold LP, heavy wax, including 12″ booklet. -14€

VILKACIS – “The Fever of War” LP
-Blizzard-like, Black Metal ancestral fury from Northern America. [IMPORT] -15€

VORDE – “Vorde” LP
-Obscure and mercurial Black Metal. The sleeves suffered two corner dings during transport from overseas, hence a reduced price. -10€

WHITE MEDAL – “Guthmers Hahl” LP
-Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal. HAIL. -14€

-Metallic Crust punk split. -8€



DEVILRY – “Stormbolt” MLP
-Unrelenting, militant Death Metal. 8€

HYSTERIA – “Hysteria” MLP
-Metallic Crustcore. -6€

-Stellar Black / Doom Metal with ASH BORER members. Exclusive European distribution. Recommended. -12€

-Terribly overlooked, stupidly ignored and now demised, ShallNotKill showed an unmatched display of talent, breeding Metal with Hardcore (and much more influences) in a unique and bleak fashion. Dark, progressive and grinding Hardcore for the cynical and jaded arsehole in Man. EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED. -6€



AGATHOCLES – “Semtex10” EP
-Recorded in 1997, finally released. 3 tracks of intense, raw and crushing Mincecore. Purple or black vinyl available. -4€

BRODY’S MILITIA – “Cycle of Hate” EP
-Newest 7-incher of Grinding Punk Rock from the usual kentucky suspects. Heavily recommended. -6€ [import]

-Brooding and morbid Death Metal. -3€

-Supreme Black Metal from Australia, highly recommended. (Australia import) -6€

-Grindcore. -3€

DUNGEÖNHAMMER / RUST – “Frozen Wasteland / Summon the Burning” Split EP
-Hellhammering Black Metal meets icecold Black / Thrash Metal. Gatefold 7”. -5€

FLEURETY – “Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitabit ” EP
Evocative and unorthodox Norwegian Black Metal from the usual suspects. Heavy wax in lavish sleeve. 5€

FUNERARY BOX – “Befouling Consecrated Ground” EP
-Barbaric and mocking Black/Death Metal. Recommended. -5€

GASMIASMA – “Trenchrats” EP
-Fuzzy noisepunk/crust. -4€

IRRWISCH – “Fallwind” EP
-The return of the Dutch atmospheric Black Metal duo, harsh and solemn soundscapes for the wanderer. -5€

-The austrasian revival of the infernal horde, lingering in noisy blackened stoner rock schemes, united with garage/noise rock mechanisms. -3€

-Ripping and fast Heavy Metal split. -5€

SHIYUN – “Ûri Vâ Kyatten” EP
-Distant and esoteric Black Metal. -5€

THE SIOUX – “The Sioux” EP
-Female-fronted, unorthodox older schooled Hardcore Punk from the industrial no man’s land of Austrasia. Recommended. -4€

WHITE DEATH – “White Death” EP
-Finnish Black Metal. -6€



FLUISTERAARS – “’t Hondslog”
-Psychedelic, epic Black Metal from the Beringheim woods… Handcrafted box and spray-painted tape, limited to CCCXVIII copies. -4€

CAULDRON BLACK RAM – “The Poisoner Maxi-EP” MC
-Four new infernal interjections from the Australian Cave-dwellers, a prelude to the upcoming album that will seal the malignant triptych. Primitive and chthonic, morbid Heavy Metal of Death… LAST COPIES, dubbed cassettes housed in a silkscreened hoard-chest with handmade booklet. -5€

-Compilation-cassette of the MMVIII and MMIX demonstrations. Esoteric folk music of both Eastern and Western origins, merging with progressive, metallic “rock” (for lack of a better term), as well as ambient mesmerism. Somewhere between Morricone, Zappa and Dead Can Dance, with the specific Dæmon Good touch… Somewhat organic, somewhat mysterious, somewhat epic, somewhat metallic and somewhat bizarre. LAST COPIES on dubbed cassettes. -4€

TOTAL NEGATION – “Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume” MC
-Two EPs from the nocturnal Revenant, bridging the gap between Black Metal and Krautrock. Eerie, ominous and powerful Black Metal madness. Comes on pro-tape with pro-printed, manually pre-folded covers, and handmade lyric insert. -4€ plus shipping

RAVENMOON SANCTUARY – “Winter Desolation of Death” MC
-Debut album of raw and atmospheric Black Metal from Poland, with Grimspirit’s majestic ambience enthroning the bleak wanderings of Wened and Colder. Pro-cassette and pro-cover limited to 180 copies. -4€ plus shipping

NAUGHT – “Night Eternal” MC
-Debut LP-cassette of Stygian, nocturnal Black Metal, evermore towards the Naught. Recorded on eight analogue tracks in MMX, and finally published on pro-cassettes and handcrafted, silver-silkscreened covers. -4€ plus shipping

AURVANDIL – “Thrones” MC
-All yearning embittered, the flesh is shed, the Journey ends. AURVANDIL returns with “Thrones” carved in stone and snow, distilling the essence of soaring, northern purity throughout four hymns of Iron and Ice, four funereal storms summoned. Skyclad and possessed, AURVANDIL weaves a wyrd of holocaust. Glacial Black Metal. Published in conspiracy with LEGION BLOTAN on pro-cassettes with six-folds jackets printed on lavish, thick and luminous paper, limited to CL copies. -4.50€ plus shipping.

WHITE MEDAL – “Guthmers Hahl” MC
-Following a trail of ancient lore, the herald of Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal presents herein a first full-length offal, to bring back the ways of yore. Comes on pro-cassettes and hand-designed cut and paste covers, published in conspiracy with LEGION BLOTAN and limited to CC copies. -4€ plus shipping.

WHITE MEDAL – “Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal” MC
-Compilation of the “Agbrigg Beast” and “Alone As Owt” demos as well as V/A and unreleased material from the Heathen herald. Comes on pro-cassettes and hand-designed cut and paste covers, published in conspiracy with LEGION BLOTAN and limited to CC copies. -4€ plus shipping.

NACHTREICH – “Retrospektive” MC
-Compilation of rare, previously unreleased and novel songs from 2003 to 2006, celebrating more than a decade of neo-Romantic piano- and viola-driven instrumental music. The Night Wanderers weaved harmonies sometimes powerful, sometimes dramatic, at all times beautiful, soundscapes influenced by neoclassical, neofolk and (Black) Metal. This is their farewell as they now fade into the dark. Comes on pro-cassettes with lavishly printed covers and A5 insert featuring Nicola Samori paintings, published in conjunction with KARGE WELTEN KUNSTWERLAG and limited to a hundred copies. -5€

ABSENTIA LUNAE – “Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes”
-Apocalyptic and progressive extreme Black Metal. -3€

ABYSSUS – “Abyssus”
-Dark and twisted Black Metal from the US. -4€

-Cold Black Metal. -3€

AETHERES – “£aknienie Misterium Nocy”
-Beautiful atmospheric Dark Metal. -3€

AETHERES – “Dark Wisdom’s Domain”
-Long-awaited follow-up of atmospheric Dark Black/Death Metal. -3€

AGALLOCH – “Marrow of the Spirit”
-Latest album of the American heathen Dark Metal act, quality all along as per usual. -4€

ARGHARUS – “Pleistas”
-Lithuanian Black Metal. -3®

ARGHOSLENT – “Hornets of the Pogrom” MC
-Last album from the superior American epic Death Metal horde, obviously recommended. -4€

ASTAROTH – “Invoking a Dark Fullmoon”
-French Black Metal. -3€

ASTROFAES – “The Attraction: Heavens and Earth”
-Bombastic heathen Black Metal from Ukraine. -3€

ASTROFAES – “Idea. Form. Essence…” MC
-Latest album of furious yet contemplative Black Metal from Ukraine’s heathens. -4€

ASURAS – “Asuras” MC
-Powerful and sombre Black Metal from Germany, recommended. -4€

AULDFUED – “Auldfued” MC
-Harsh, psychedelic and epic heathen Black Metal from England. Recommended. -4€

THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT – “Principles of Disillusion”
-Compilation tape of the split 7” series and EPs material. Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal. -3€

AXNAAR – “Crucifixion Mass” MC
-Live Black Metal chaos from the UK. -3€

BARROW WIGHT – “Power from the East” MC
-Murky and FROST-ed Black/Heavy Metal from the New World, unique sound, highly recommended. -5€

BARROW WIGHT – “Unfinished Tales” MC
-Early demos from this hellhammered Canadian Metal act. -4,50€

BEITHIOCH – “Diolaim”
-Celtic Black Metal ambiance. -4€

BEITHIOCH – “Aisling Dhorcha” MC
-Celtic Black Metal ambiance. Highly recommended. -3€

BELZEBUL – “Demo 1999”
-Black Metal darkness. 2002 re-edition. -4€

BENEDICTION – “Transcend the Rubicon”
-Classic UK Death Metal. ’93 Polish license from Nuclear Blast. -8€

BLACK CANDLE – “Nightfire”
-Unholy Black Metal aflame. -3€

BLACK PEST – “Heic Noemum Pax”
-Black Metal darkness from Brasil. -3€

BLODULV – “III / Burial” MC
-Raw Black Metal in the old Scandinavian vein. -3€

-Debut demo from the raw Finnish Black Metal act. -3€

-3-way Thrash Metal split tape. -3€

BRANIKALD – “Blikk av Kald” MC
-1999 album of the Russian horde. Ice-cold raw Black Metal and ambience. -4€

BUSTUM – “The Return of Hate”
-Black Metal hatred. -3€

CELESTIA – “Delhys-catess”
-French Black Metal. 4€

-Punk Rock/blues from Rouen, France. -3€

CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY – “Live at Duffy’s Tavern” MC
-Noisy punk/Black Metal live. -3€

CULTUS – “Promo 2007”
-Epic Heathen Black Metal. -3€

CULTUS – “Hymns of Descending”
-Melancholic and hypnotic Heathen Black Metal. -3€

DARK FURY – “The Price of Treason” MC
-Hateful and elitist Black Metal from Poland. -4€

DEADFALL – “Antichristmass”
-Ancient Death Metal rehearsal. -3€

DEMON’S GATE – “Demo 2006”
-Australian Heavy Metal. -4€

DEMONIC FOREST – “Endless Silence of Desolation”
-Ruined Black Metal. -3€

-French Grinding Black Metal split. With members from AUSTRASIAN GOAT and KRAPNEK. -3€

DOMMEDAGSSALME – “Dommedagssalme” MC
-Nocturnal raw Black Metal from England. -3€

-Distant and forlorn Black Metal. -3€

-Melancholic nocturnal Black Metal. -3€

DRUDKH – “Forgotten Legends” MC
-Debut album of Ukrainian national-romantic Black Metal. -3€

DRUDKH – “Blood in our Wells” MC
-Fourth album of Ukrainian national-romantic Black Metal. -3€

EINDIG – “Want al het leven is…”
-Desolate Black Metal. -2€

EINDIG – “Doodschrift”
-Debut album for brooding Dutch Black Metallers. -3€

ESPHARES – “Par Delà le Fleuve de la Mort / Veritas Liberabit Vos”
-Lightspeed, atmospheric and majestic Black Metal from France. -4€

EXCESSUM – “Death Redemption”
-Swedish Satanic Black/Death Metal in the vein of DISSECTION. -3€

EXECUTED – “Sorrow and Death”
-Old school Death Metal. -3€

-Acoustic guitar/noise ambience. -2.50€

FIMBUL – “Det Siste Slaget”
-Norwegian Black Metal in the vein of early ENSLAVED. -4€

FIRING SQUAD – “Instruments of Oppression”
-Fuzzed out noisepunk/Grind. -1.50€

FJORD – “Vor Tru”
-Martial Folk Metal. -3€

GEIMHRE – “Noidagh”
-Heathen Black Metal from Vinland. -3€

GRAND MOOD – “Final Urge to March”
-US twisted Black Metal. -2€

GRAVELAND – “Wotan mit Mir” MC
-Bombastic heathen Metal. -2.50€

GRAVELAND – “Thunderbolts of the Gods” MC
-Latest album of bombastic heathen Black Metal from the Polish cult. -4€

GRIDLOCK – “Live Scourge” MC
-Live cassette from this shortlived Croatian Death Metal act from the late 90′s. Recorded in times of war. -2€

GRIM DESTROYER – “Nostalgia of the Dead”
-Raw melodic Black Metal (members of Riddle of Meander). -3€

GRIMOIRE – “L’Aorasie des Spectres Rêveurs” MC
-Soaring and majestic Black Metal from Québec. Pro-tape and beautiful J-card, including d/l card. -5€

GRIPE – “The Future Doesn’t Need You”
-Blistering, raw Death/Grind. -1€

HATE FOREST – “Dead but Dreaming”
-Brooding Black Metal from Ukraine. -3€

HELSLAKT – “Glu et Cul”
-Depraved Black Metal rehearsal, prelude to the Corrupution. -3€

IERRE GILDA – “Ancient Demented Brotherhood” MC
-Raw Black Metal from the UK. -3€

-Newest album of blistering Thrash/Death from the French maniacs. -3€

INKISITOR – “Inkisitor”
-Satanic Black Metal desecration from France. -3€

INTOLERANCE – “Hail the Triumvirate” MC
-Punishing and mid-tempo Black Metal from Canada. Traditional folk undertones and lyrical/ideological clarity. Heavily recommended. -5€

ISKALLA – “Eternal Coldness”
-Raw, epic Black Metal. -3€

ISOLATION – “Striding on the Path of Nihil”
-Black / Doom Metal. -3€

ISOLATION – “Hier am Ende der Welt” MC
-Negative, contemplative yet furious Black Metal from Germany. -4€

JACK LORD – “Jack Lord” MC
-Crushing and unorthodox Doom Metal. -2€

KBM – “Katharos”
-Black Metal beyond. -2€

KINGDOM – “Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy” MC
-Morbid and punishing Death Metal à la Dead Congregation. -4€

KLADOVEST – “Escape in Melancholy” MC
-Epic and melancholic Black Metal from Ukraine. -3€

KLADOVEST – “Winterwards” MC
-Latest album of melancholic Ukrainian Black Metal. -3€

KRAPNEK – “Demo 2008”
-Pitch black, crawling Grindcore. -1€

KRODA – “Swzarzpfad” MC
-Russian Black/Folk Metal. Comes in slipcase. -4€

KULT OFENZIVY – “Nauky ruznic/Radikální ateismus – Tvurcum Nadcloveka” MC
-Traditional and pitch Black Metal from Czechia. -4€

KULTURKAMPF – “White Pillars” MC
-Third demo of Australian cryptic and elitist Black Metal. -4€

KUTH – “De Ritu Gentilium” MC
-Obscure and powerful Black Metal from Hungary. -3€

KWAKWEYEN – “Demo 2006”
-Primitive Black Metal rehearsal. -1€

LIKVANN – “Vredeskrik” MC
-Old school Norwegian Black Metal à la ILDJARN/DARK THRONE. -3€

-Crude Black Metal rehearsal. -3€

LUTOMYSL – “De Profundis” MC
-Majestic and epic Black Metal fury from Ukraine, recommended. -4€

MARBLEBOG – “Nostalgic Moods” MC
-Early material of foggy and older schooled Black Metal. -2€

MAY RESULT – “Blasphemy”
-Slavonic Black Metal. -2€

-Heathen Black Metal from Netherlands. -3€

MOONREICH – “Zoon Politikon”
-French Black Metal. -2€

MORKR – “Graves Forgot my Name”
-Despondent, epic Black Metal from Poland. -2€

NACHTS – “GeistesGegenwart”
-German Black Metal, alternating classic brooding themes with fantastic apocalyptic passages. -3€

NAVJARMAAHR – “The Fangs of the Shining Night” MC
-Nocturnal heathen Black Metal from Ukraine. -4€

NECROLEPSY – “Deathnoise”
-D-beat / Death Metal filth with foreboding doom undertones. -3€

NECROSTRIGIS – “Swamps Cult and Lunar Necromancy” MC
-Polish Black Metal. -3€

NEFTARAKA – “Death To All”
-Malaysian Black Metal from the dark past. Live/reh/unreleased material from the 90′s. -2€

NITBERG – “Donner Wetter, Donner Wyrd” MC
-Ice-cold heathen Black Metal from Russia (Blazebirth Hall). Recommended. -4€

NORMAN SHORES – “Return to the Norman Shores”
-Glacial Black Metal from Normandie. Heralding the French might of KRISTALLNACHT and other proud countrymen. -3€

NORMAN SHORES – “Le Tombeau de Brume” MC
-Newest album of Norman Black Metal, a heathen solitary march to the grave. Heavily recommended.. -4€

NORTH / GROMOWLADNY – “Lechia, Slawia, Aria”
-Martial raw Black Metal united in steel with bombastic folk Metal. -3€

NUCLEAR RAPE – “Nuclear Attack”
-Gas chamber Black Metal rehearsal. -3€

NYKTALGIA – “Peisithanatos” MC
-Second album of negative Black Metal. Recommended. -3€

ODAL – “…wilde Kraft” MC
-Unrelenting and martial heathen Black Metal from Germany. Heavily recommended. -4€

-Dark and crushing Death Metal union from Canada. -2€

ORLOG – “Reinigende Feuer” MC
-Martial heathen Black Metal from Germany, recommended. -4€

-Luminous Black / Doom Metal ambiance. -2€

RAGGRADARH – “Towards The Eternal Night”
-Solitary and cryptic Black Metal. -3€

RARE FORM – “Rare Form” MC
-Retarded and rough rock’n'roll not for autistic Metal people. Featuring members of BRODY’S MILITIA, and evidently recommended. -4€

REMAINS – “Raw Moans R.E.M.A.I.N.S.S.A.N.C.E” MC
-Lo-fi denim rock madness for brain-impaired arseholes. Recommended. -4€

REVELATIONS OF DOOM – “Unholy Goatfuck”
-Satanic Death Metal with d-beat influences. -3€

-Hellenic Black Metal. -2€

SABBAT – “Demonslaught Québécois” MC
-Live Thrash Metal. -4€

SANCTOPHOBY – “Satanic Ceremonies Of Imperfection”
-Subterranean Black / Death Metal ceremonies of blasphemy. -3€

THE SIOUX – “Discography”
-Compilation tape housed in a special silkscreened fold-out sleeve, spanning half a decade of antagonistic old hardcore punk. -2€

-Dark, heathen Black / Death Metal from Germany. -2€

SKOGEN – “Vittra” MC
-Debut album of Swedish heathen Black Metal. -3€

SKOGEN – “Svitjod” MC
-Second album of Swedish heathen Black Metal. -3€

-Third album of Swedish heathen Black Metal. -3€

SLAUGHTER COMMAND – “Attack of the Iron Beast”
-German Thrash Metal. -2€

SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT – “Slavecrushing Tyrant”
-Intolerant and elitist Black Metal. -3€

SORT VOKTER – “Folkloric Necro Metal” MC
-Folkloric Necro Metal. -4€

SPITE – “Secular Hatred for a Singular Spawn” MC
-Deathangle Absolution reissue of the MMX demo. Grinding d-beat/Black Metal with doom and death metal leanings. Comes with alternate layout in an oversized box. -4€

STWORZ – “Synowie Slonca”
-Heathen Metal pride from Poland. -3€

SWEET TORMENT – “Ancient Pantheon” MC
-Venomous caveman Black Metal in the vein of CELTIC FROST and HELLHAMMER. -4,50€

SYKLISK NEDGANG – “Purification Through the Fall”
-Twisted and hypnotic Black Metal from France. -4€

TOMB OF… – “…The Rotting Break”
-Funereal Orchestra. -3€

-French punks craft blistering Black Metal. -3€

UHL – “Where the Wolves Lead” MC
-Latest tape from the French duo. Cold and pitch Black Metal. -3€

UHRIRISTI – “Petetty”
-Atmospheric and vicious Finnish Black Metal. -3€

-Raw Black Metal. -3€

UNO ACTU – “Splendeurs Putrides” MC
-Dark ambient/noise/electronica. Recommended. -3€

VERMIS CRUX – “Rehearsal 12.3.12” MC
-Black Metal rehearsal. -4€

VANVYRD – “Armods Grind” MC
-Extremely harsh Norwegian Black Metal. -3€

VANYAR – “Triumph of Vanishing” MC
-Escapist, vicious Black Metal. -3€

VERMIS CRUX – “Rehearsal 12.3.12″ MC
-US Black Metal rehearsal. -2€

VI – “De Praestigiis Daemonum”
-Satanic Black Metal from France. -2€

-Thrash Metal assault. -1€

-First album of soaring German Black Metal. -4€

VOQKRRE – “Malveillance”
-Pitch Black Metal from France. -3€

V/A – “Invocation of Death Vol. I”
-Older schooled Death Metal mixtape. -3€

V/A – “United in Dark Slavic Blood” MC
-Six-way heathen Black Metal split from Poland, with QUERCUS, HELEVORN, SLEZA, WIZUN, GRZMOT and SLAV. Raw and epic European Black Metal, recommended. -3€

V/A – “Through the Gate of the Silver Key” MC
-Deep Danish underground noise / Black / Death Metal / Grind. Only radical noise, some abysmal, some stellar, all dedicated to darkness. HAIL SILVER KEY. -3€

WARHAMMER – “No Beast So Fierce…” MC
-Hellhammered, doomed Death/Thrash beast. -3€

WEREWOLF FRONT – “Wolves of the White North” MC
-Swedish Black Metal in the French vein. -3€

WHITE MEDAL – “Heathen Riding Returns” MC
-Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal. -3€

WINTERFYLLETH – “The Ghost of Heritage” MC
-Debut album of powerful and proud British heathen Black Metal. -4€

WITHER – “Necropolis” CD
-Abysmal Black/Doom Metal. -7€

-Absolutely crushing split tape of Death Metal. -3€

WÜRM’S TONGUE – “Fungi From Yuggoth” MC
-Danish Death/Thrash Metal, solid and vicious! -2€

WYRD – “The Ghost Album”
-Exploring new facets of rock and Pagan Metal music. -3€

XERION – “Nocturnal Misanthropia”
-Galician majestic Black Metal. -3€

ZWAARTPLAAG – “Haatstorm”
-True Black Metal from the Netherworlde. Malevolent and epic. -3€


Compact Discs:

DANISHMENDT – “Un Passé Aride”
-Noisecore/Doom, a ruthless proclamation of Apocalypse. Think SWANS meet BLUT AUS NORD meet GODFLESH. Digipak CD including fold-out booklet. -5€

0 X í S T – “Nil” CD
-Proudly hailing from the land of thousand lakes, 0 X í S T present a chthonic work of ages, channeling inexorable Doom through a prism of bitter determination, carvings scars in the Earth as an inward passage to the VOID.
Heralding the legacy of CELTIC FROST / TRIPTYKON and BETHLEHEM, as well as the Finnish Doom / Death hordes of yore, “Nil” displays seven powerful hymns of incisive austerity, defining its very essence: DARK METAL.
When all dissolves and withers, toward the ineluctable conclusion. Zero Exist. Co-produced with OSTRA RECORDS. -5€ plus shipping.

0 X í S T – “One Eon” CD
-Second album from the Finnish Dark Metal act. A return in potent and crushing chthonic Doom. Heavily recommended. -10€

2:13PM – “Anus Dei”
-Julien Louvet and Eric Duriez return with more bitterness and mockery, distilled through improvised and talented ethereal ambience, feedback and other noises. Comes in a silkscreened digisleeve. Recommended. -3€

-Ghastly Deathpunk meets its’ legacy. Sluggish and eerie Death Metal. -5€

ABSKE FIDES – “…Apart of the World”
-Dark/Doom Metal debut demonstration. -2€

ANCIENT LAMENT – “Messages from the Crystals” CD
-French/Serbian astral Funeral Doom. -3€

AFFLICTIS LENTAE – “From Nothing… To Nothing”
-Austrasian Black / Thrash Metal war. -3€

AGALLOCH – “The Serpent and the Sphere” CD
-Latest album of the American Dark Metal act. Tenebrous and lavish textures, a further step in their twenty-year old journey. Comes in a beautiful digipak. -12€

ALARIC – “Alaric” CD
-Dark and heavy Deathrock in the vein of THE GAULT. Recommended. -8€

ANGMAR – “Zurück in die Unterwelt” CD
-MMVII album from the Norman horde. Complex and soaring heathen Black Metal. -8€

ANGMAR – “Cénotaphe” CD
-Exploring the catacombs, ANGMAR unearthes lost tracks from the dark past. Icecold epic Black Metal of Normandie. -8€

APOCALYPSE COMMAND – “Abyss Fiend of Darkness”
-Palubicki (of ANGELCORPSE infamy) delivers three onslaughts of blistering, blasphemous Death Metal chaos with cosmos-tearing leads and vocal insanity. -6€

APPLES AND MILK – “Master of Disguise”
-Folk music from Norway. Digipak. -4€

ARES KINGDOM – “Return to Dust”
-Supreme and epic Deathrash in the ARGHOSLENT vein. -6€

-Black Metal / Hellhammered Black Doom omens. -5€

-Blizzard-like, harsh and epic Black Metal. Rough paperstock digisleeve. -5€

AURVANDIL – “Yearning” CD
-Debut album of grim and epic French Black Metal. -7€

AURVANDIL – “Thrones” CD
-All yearning embittered, the flesh is shed, the Journey ends. AURVANDIL returns with “Thrones” carved in stone and snow, distilling the essence of soaring, northern purity throughout four hymns of Iron and Ice, four funereal storms summoned. Skyclad and possessed, AURVANDIL weaves a wyrd of holocaust. Glacial Black Metal. -10€

THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT – “Principles of Disillusion” 2xCD
-Compilation of non-album material. Dismal Black / Doom Metal. -10€

BAPTISM – “Morbid Wings of Sathanas” CD
-Finnish traditional Black Metal, recommended. -7€

BAPTISM – “The Beherial Midnight” CD
-Debut album of nocturnal and satanic Black Metal from Finland. -7€

BAPTISM – “Wisdom and Hate” CD
-2004 full-length EP (30 minutes) of obscure and essential Finnish Black Metal, heavily recommended. -6€

BAPTISM – “Grim Arts of Melancholy” CD
-Third album of melancholic satanic Black Metal. -7€

BASTION – “Bastion”
-Dark drone/noise. Digipak. -4€

BILSKIRNIR – “Wotan Redivivus” CD
-Newest album of the German heathen Black Metal cult. Potent, proud and rid with passion. Recommended. -8€

BONE FRAGMENTS – “Dark Amusement”
-Carnivalesque, horrific Black Metal, EMPEROR meets BETHLEHEM. -3€

BONE FRAGMENTS – “Too Gruesome to be Real”
-Carnivalesque, horrific Black Metal, EMPEROR meets BETHLEHEM. -3€

-Old School Death Metal. -3€

BONESAW – “Sawtopsy”
-Crawling and sick Death Metal heralding mental funerals. -3€

CHRISTICIDE – “Upheaval of the Soul” CD
-Mercurial, infectious Black Metal. Hypnotic and determined, extremely recommended. -8€

CLANDESTINE BLAZE – “Fist of the Northern Destroyer” CD
-Third album of Finnish Black Metal from Aspa. Classic material, heavily recommended. -7€

-Union of raw Finnish Black Metal. -6€

CLANDESTINE BLAZE – “New Golgotha Rising” CD
-New album from ASPA’s catharsic, traditionally unorthodox Black Metal. -10€

CORVUS – “Corvus”
-Lightspeed supreme Black Metal, as knives slashing across the cosmic fabric. Extremely recommended. -5€

DANISHMENDT – “L’homme est un animal qui a trahi”
-Early steps of Noise/Hardcore. -3€

DARK FURY – “Fortress of Eagles” CD
-Hateful and sombre Black Metal from Poland. -3€

DARK FURY – “Saligia” CD
-Hateful and eerie Black Metal from Poland. Martial and blasphemous atmospheres. -4€

DARK FURY – “Synningthwait” CD
-Latest album of dark and hateful Polish Black Metal. -7€

DEAD CONGREGATION – “Promulgation of the Fall” CD
-Second full-length oblation of the Hellenic deathcult. A powerful display of morbid and pitch black Death Metal. Recommended. -10€

DEADMAN – “Spirito di Pietra”
-Italian Black Metal. -2€

DECAYED – “Shadow Land”
-Legacy of the Lusitanian Black Metal horde. -2€

DIABOLI – “Wiking Division” CD
-Latest album of punishing Finnish Black Metal with topical lyrics, heavily recommended. -10€

DOOMED – “Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell”
-Compilation CD of all material of this AUTOPSY side-project. Great older schooled Death/Thrash with occasional doom crawls and meta grinding. -6€

DUNKELHEIT – “Mors Aeterna” CD
-Hungarian Black Metal in the French way. -4€

DUST TO DEARTH / LYSERGENE – “The Death of The Sun” CD
-Towering and brooding dark ambient from Mandy of MURKRAT and Gordon of ESOTERIC. -4€

FLAME OF WAR – “Long Live Death!” CD
-Epic and traditional Polish Black Metal, recommended. -3€

FOREST – “As a Song in the Harvest of Grief” CD
-Second album of glacial Black Metal from Russia. -8€

FRONT BEAST – “Black Spells of the Damned”
-German sloppy Black Metal. -4€

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE – “Another Face of Hell” CD
-Fourth album of stellar Black Metal from Italy. -7€

GALDR – “Ancient Light from the Stars”
-Black Metal in the vein of BURZUM. Digipak. -5€

GHOST KOMMANDO – “Abraxas Rising” MCD
-Newest mini-album of granular Black Metal with post-punk leanings. Recommended. -7€

GRAND GURU – “First Shots”
-One man raw blues/rock. Special handmade foldout sleeve. -3€

GREG MALCOM – “Leather and Lacy”
-Free-jazz/noise and drone from the one-man-band. Recorded live. Digipak. -3€

HEBOSAGIL – “Colossal”
-Titanic yet uncommon Sludge Doom with occasional bursts of fury. -2€

HEIMDALLS WACHT – “Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal” CD
-Powerful and driven heathen Black Metal from the Nether Lands. – 5€

HELCARAXË – “Broadsword”
-Epic and Martial Death Metal. -5€

HELL SPIRIT – “Dawn Under Curse” CD
-Older schooled, dark Black Metal with a malevolent aura. -7€

HELSLAKT – “D’une Mélomanie Perverse au Leitmotiv d’Helslakt”
-Debut album of this sick Helvetic horde. Deathmongers of the vilest kind, creating the most corrupted and self-destructive Black Metal. -7€

HELSLAKT – “Corruption”
-The posthumous sophomore album of HELSLAKT, available at last. Furthering the utter madness, channelling despair through the veil of decadence, HELSLAKT crush the meek and depraved alike, under a self-destructive monument of Hatred. Helvetic Black Metal. -3€

HEREAFTER – “Endcient”
-Malaysian Thrash Metal with melodic soli. -4€

HSN – “The Eye”
-French Black Metal. -1€

ILL OMEN – “Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence” CD
-Distant and pitch Black Metal from Australia. -5€

ISOLATION – “Closing a Circle” CD
-Melancholic, contemplative post-Metal with strong songwriting. Comes in a slipcase. -8€

JUMALHÄMÄRÄ – “Resignaatio” CD
-Unorthodox Finnish Black Metal drear. -7€

KATECHON – “Man God Giant” CD
-Older schooled, ominous and thrashing Black / Death Metal from Norway. -7€

KERASPHORUS – “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” CD
-Black Metal extremity with Helmkamp and Read. Disturb the furthest stars. -6€

-Digipak reissue of the glorious French Black Metal ’99 mini-album. -7€

KVELERTAK – “Kvelertak”
-Modern hardcore/rock’n’roll with Black Metal influences. (TURBONEGRO meets SKITSYSTEM meets TAAKE). -8€

-Funeral Doom/Ambient split CD. -5€

LURK – “Lurk” CD
-Crushing and eerie Doom / Death Sludge from Finland. Recommended. -6€

LUTOMYSL – “Overcoming Babel” CD
-Promethean Black Metal, bitter epics from Ukraine, recommended. -8€

MANIPULATOR – “Voidbound”
-Cavernous, abysmal Death Metal. Four hymns of departure to journey on Stygian streams. Includes “Unearthed” MMIX demonstration. -8€

MELEK-THA – “De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca”
-Satanic Indus/Ritual ambient. Original Cold Spring release. -7€

MGLA – “Presence” MCD
-Debut EP of the Polish entity. Raw and sombre Black Metal. -6€

MGLA – “With Hearts Toward None” CD
-Scornful and crushing epic Black Metal from Poland. A coherent follow-up to the excellent “Groza” album. -10€

-Obscure Black Metal from the bowels of France. -6€

MYSTÉRION – “The Sacral Chamber”
-German ritual Black Metal. -5€

MURW – “Kanker” CD
-Crushing and eerie Dutch Doom / Death Metal, with room for progression and psychedelia. Truly impressive musick! -8€

NEGATIVE REACTION – “Endofyorerror”
-Astral Sludge Doom Metal primogenitors. -5€

NORDVREDE – “State of the Art” CD
-Latest album of radical Black Metal from Norway, recommended. -8€

NORMAN SHORES – “Return to the Norman Shores”
-Glacial Black Metal from Normandie. Heralding the French might of KRISTALLNACHT and other proud countrymen. -3€

NORMAN SHORES – “Le Tombeau De Brume” CD
-Newest album of Norman Black Metal, a heathen solitary march to the grave. Heavily recommended. -8€

NUMINOUS – “Numinous” CD
-Pitch Black Metal from Finland. -7€

OBSCURITÉ – “Contemplation” CD
-Debut album of heathen and epic Black Metal. Recommended. -8€

-Intolerant BM à la Dark Throne featuring CELESTIA members. -8€

PAGANUS – “Paganus”
-Sludgy, dark Doom / Death Metal. -4€

PALE MIST – “Where the Darkness is Praised” CD
-Nefarious and pitch Black Metal from the UK. -5€

POPRAVCÍ VRCH – “Král Šibenice” CD
-Ancient Black Metal from Poland. -7€

PRIMEVAL MASS – “As Solemn Maelstrom”
-Supreme Hellenic Black Metal. -4€

PROLETAR – “Back to Hatevolution”
-CD spanning the discography of the Indonesian band. Total Grindcore massacre. Nice booklet with red foil. -4€

PSYCHOMANTUM – “Genius Loci”
-Deranged German Black Metal. -5€

RUHO – “Ruho”
-Finnish Black Metal in the old vein. -4€

-Psylocibin-induced shamanic ambience from Svea Rike. -8€

SET – “Upheaval of Unholy Darkness” CD
-Debut album of blasphemous Black Metal. -7€

SHADES OF THE BLACK SKY – “То, что нас поглотит” CD
-Funeral Doom Metal from Russia. -3€

SEVERE STORM / SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT – “We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood” Split CD
-Union in powerful and epic Polish Black Metal. Onwards Europa! Highly recommended. -7€

SICKENING HORROR – “The Dead End Experiment”
-Progressive and brutal Death Metal with industrial influences. -5€

SMOHALLA / IMMEMORIAL – “Noyade Céleste”
-Celestial Black Metal / ambience. -3€

SOMNAE – “Forever More”
-Swedish crushing progressive Death Metal in the vein of EDGE OF SANITY. Digipak. -5€

SWAROST – “Brzask” CD
-Raw, melancholic and scornful, latest EP of Polish heathen Black Metal. -6€

THRALL – “Away from the Haunts of Men”
-Tasmanian brooding misanthropic Black Metal. Special digipak with silver foil and fantastic artwork by Tom Void. -5€

TORT – “Tort” CD
-Spanish massive Sludge / Doom with the occasional Thrashing madness, featuring ex-members of LORDS OF BUKKAKE. -6€

ULFBERHT – “L’Aube d’une Nouvelle Ere” CD
-Sombre, melancholic and austere Black Metal from France (ANGMAR/NORMAN SHORES member), recommended. -7€

UNGOD – “Cloaked in Eternal Darkness” CD
-Second album of the German cult, after 18 years. Blasphemous older schooled Black Metal. -7€

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX – “Ordo Servorum Satanae” CD
-Black Mass Metal, debut album. -7€

UNMERCERNARIES – “Fallen in Disbelief” CD
-Solemn Funeral Doom Metal from Russia. -4€

VERDERBEN – “Vernichtung und Vergeltung”
-German Black Metal. -4€

VILLAINS – “Road to Ruin” CD
-2011 album of malignant Black/Death/Thrash with a groove. -7€

VILLAINS – “Never Abandon the Slut Train” CD
-Newest album of nauseous and punk-infused Black/Thrash Metal. -7€

VORNTH – “Vornth” CD
-Killer ripping Speed/Thrash METAL from Sweden, verily recommended. -7€

WEAPON – “Drakonian Paradigm” CD
-Spellbinding Black/Death Metal ceremony from Canada. -7€

WEH – “En Natt Kom Doed”
-Debut album of Erik Evju’s solo effort of Norwegian acoustic music. Sombre, heartfelt, simple yet refined. -8€

WELTERING IN BLOOD – “Rise of the Necronaut” CD
-Ruthless Black / Death Metal assault in the vein of BLASPHEMY/AOA/ANGELCORPSE, yet rid with many bouts of darker, almost atmospheres. Recommended. -8€

WHITE MEDAL – “Guthmers Hahl” CD
-Debut album of Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal. -7€

-Polish Black Metal strife. -7€

WINTERFRONT – “Northwinds” CD
-Pagan Black Metal from Poland. -7€

WITHER – “Necropolis” CD
-Abysmal Black/Doom Metal. -7€

WOLFTRIBE – “Dolor Aeterna” CD
-Solid Black/Death Metal from Poland. -7€

XANADOO – “Black, Death, Grind, Shit”
-The album at last. Forget opportunistic revival thrash, forget Gama Bums and Municipal Shite, XANADOO is the embodiment of unadulterated Thrash Metal. -6€


Printed publications / Merchandise:

OCCULTO MORTUALIA – “Memoriam Ad Umbrae” T-shirt
-Memoriam Ad Umbrae artwork, printed black on bloodred fabric (Fruit of the Loom). S, M, L and XL available. This garb is distributed in France by CDL (cdl666@hotmail.fr) and COLD VOID EMANATIONS exclusively for other territories. 13€ plus shipping. Click here for visual.

CAULDRON BLACK RAM – “Slubberdegullion” T-shirt
-Exclusive European edition of the scurvy garb from the Australians purveyors of occult DeatHeavy Metal. Silkscreened black on white FOTL t-shirts. (A white print on black shirts is also available for a reduced price of 8€, visual here). -10€ plus shipping

STARGAZER – “Hourglass” T-shirt
-Exclusive European edition of the Hourglass design, silkscreened white on black FOTL t-shirts. Finest crafts to Chase the Serpentsong… Forever! LAST COPY, S-SIZE. -8€ plus shipping

-Interviews with VIOLATOR, HELLISH CROSSFIRE, GRAVELESS, ABNORM, CHRISTICIDE and many others. A4 format. -1€

-Long-delayed and finally published, featuring interviews with BLODFEST, BLODARV, HELSLAKT, ADVERSARIAL etc. and other rants. -5€

DAUDINGS SKRIPT – “#1″ fanzine [EN]
-The black voices speak forth (FROSTSKOGR, HINSIDES, PREST, TOMHET, VEMOD, AETERGAP). -5€

-Retour au papier, avec un focus sur le renouveau Heavy Metal franchouillard (à noter l’excellente interview de KILLERS tout de même), ainsi qu’une volée de chroniques variées. -4€

DIMWIT – “#7” [FR]
-Inaptly-named French Metal / Punk ‘zine showing some wits and eclectic taste. Featuring interviews with DESECRATOR, MESRINE, SAKATAT and reviews. -free upon request€

-Excellent ‘zine français, pléthore d’interviews (THE BATTALION, SHACKLES, HOUR OF 13, RITUALIZATION etc.) et de chroniques. Format A4 -5€

FUNERAL SERVICES -”#1″ (or TEROZIN # 4 1/2) fanzine
-Excellent fanzine from Bulgaria, focus on Death metal and depravity from an keen underground enthusiast. Featuring RIPPIKOULU, MANIPULATOR, NEKRO DRUNKZ, INISANS, TORTURE RACK etc… -4€

IN EXTREMIS – “Fanzine #53″ ‘zine [FR]
-Vétéran du fanzinat français, entretiens avec SVART CROWN, MORTEFOUTRE, UHL, CAVERNE etc. -gratuit sur demande

-More madness from the hairy Louglas Dong, probably his best so far which is quite a feat considering the unbeatable prowess of “Volume Two”. Complete gibberish from COCKNOOSE, AUTOPSY, BREATHILIZOR, SKULLHOG, VICKERS, Steveggs of P.O.E. / NUTSCREAMER, more RUPTURE nostalgy, more GEROGERIGEGEGE, as well as further life advice from Jason Wade and assorted philosophical considerations. Extremely recommended. -5€

-Newest issue of this quality ‘zine, featuring CRUCIAMENTUM, VULTURINE, THE NIHILISTIC FRONT and others. -5€

WOMB – “IV” [EN]
-Fourth incarnate of the Finnish (English-written) ‘zine, featuring interviews with ALGHAZANTH (FIN), PROFETUS (FIN), CAVERNE (FRA), PRIMORDIAL (IRE), HETROERTZEN (SE) etc… -5€